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Domestic polarized testing machine polarized development trend to technology-intensive transformation
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The rolling tide of Industry 4.0 has swept the world, and the universal tensile testing machine industry is also vigorously exploring this aspect. Demonstrate the achievements of the universal tensile testing machine enterprises in this regard.

China's universal rally testing machine market is getting better and better in both domestic and foreign countries. However, at present, China's universal rally testing machine industry mainly focuses on low-end products. Today, the universal rally testing machine industry has become an important area for stimulating consumption and improving economic growth. High-end products and key components have not yet reached the state of localization.

    China's universal tensile testing machine market has broad prospects, and the tensile testing machine industry is developing rapidly. Both the number of products and the scale of production have been greatly improved and developed, and the sales volume and export volume are increasing day by day. However, China's huge consumer market continues to attract the attention of foreign universal rally testing machine companies, and more and more universal rally testing machine multinational companies appear in the Chinese market.

    The technical level of China's universal tensile testing machine is now more than 20 years behind the overall level of foreign advanced countries. It is obvious in the competition of product development, performance, quality, reliability and service. Disadvantages.

    Among them, the higher requirements for the integration and high efficiency of the universal tensile testing machine, that is, the need for more integrated machines. At present, China's universal tensile testing machines are relatively scattered, and there are not many devices with integrated functions. The use of universal material testing machine products has many advantages, which not only improves productivity but also reduces labor intensity. From this point of view, the development prospect of the universal material testing machine is very broad, but if the high-end core technology is not available, only improve the innovative technology and increase the cultivation of talents.

    Universal Rally testing machine enterprises should enhance their sense of innovation, train and set up professional R&D teams, vigorously develop R&D technology for high-end products, realize localization of high-end products at an early date; optimize industrial structure and promote industrial upgrading; develop industrial clusters and enhance the competitive advantage of industry groups; The domestic market is actively exploring foreign markets.


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