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What are the main uses of the universal tensile testing machine?
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The universal tensile testing machine is a high-quality Taiwan motor, with long life and low noise. The unit is driven by the bearing wire stalk. The lcd screen is controlled by the microcomputer. The whole machine has low power consumption, simple operation, compact structure and accurate performance. The universal tensile testing machine is mainly used for testing tensile tests of wire, rubber and metal.


Universal tensile testing machine features


Universal tensile testing machine fixture features

a. We know that the sample is clamped by the clamp (or product), and the test force that the universal tensile tester can withstand is a very important indicator of the clamp. It determines the size of the fixture structure and the labor intensity of the fixture operation. The sample material is divided into metal and non-metal, and the shape has the size. The composition of the material is various, and the test force that the sample can withstand is as small as several tens of centimeters (such as spandex for textiles) and as large as several tens of tons (such as ordinary steel; the largest electronic universal testing machine in China) The test force is 600KN, 0.5-level machine), the sample size is as small as the diameter of φ0.006mm gold wire, as large as 1m diameter PVC pipe. This requires different fixtures to be designed according to the different test forces and the shape and size of the universal tensile testing machine.



1. Automatic clearing: The universal tensile testing machine can perform automatic zeroing before the test;


2. Automatic shifting: During the test, the speed of the universal tensile testing machine can be operated at a pre-speed, and the speed can be arbitrarily changed as needed;


3. Indication verification: the system of the machine can achieve accurate calibration of the force value;


4, display method: has a liquid crystal display, the force value data is directly displayed, the elongation value is automatically displayed;


5. Limit protection: The universal tensile testing machine has automatic limit protection.


6, a multi-purpose machine: equipped with different sensors, universal tensile testing machine can achieve a multi-purpose use of a machine.


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