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Services include product introduction, delivery, installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical training, on-site service, consulting, etc.

Weibang Instrument's understanding of after-sales service refers to a series of solutions provided by the production enterprises and distributors after selling the products (or services) to the customers; the urgent needs of the customers, guaranteeing the 2-hour response, and the province 24 Solved within hours, within 72 hours of the province; customers are very anxious to solve the customer's urgency!

Use the SLA service goal to unify the service goal, and let all after-sales support services comply with the set goal, so that any customer-supplied after-sales service request is completed at a specific time and under certain circumstances, and for different levels of customers. Or the user group provides different levels of after-sales service, reflecting the standardization of services. All customer after-sales service requests are converted into service work orders for processing and archiving, archived and processed by transactions and events for future enquiries, tracking and follow-up, avoiding any after-sales service due to personnel or space negligence resulting in improper service Improve management level and service quality.

Service item details

Attentive after-sales service, responsible attitude

1. Install and debug products for customers on their behalf;

2. According to the customer's requirements, carry out technical guidance on the use and other aspects;

3. Guarantee the supply of spare parts for maintenance;

4. Responsible for maintenance service, and provide regular maintenance and regular maintenance;

5. Provide regular telephone return visits or home visits to customers

6. Implement “three guarantees” for products. (Many people think that after-sales service is “three guarantees”, this is a narrow understanding);

7. Handle customer letters and visits and telephone complaints, and answer customer inquiries. At the same time, in various ways to collect customer opinions on product quality, and timely improvement according to the situation.

Service item details


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