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How to detect Universal material testing Machine
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The universal material testing machine is also the tensile testing machine. This is a commonly used testing equipment. It is also well known to everyone, but everyone knows how to test the universal material testing machine. There are still quite a few people who know about this. Today, Xiaobian will tell you how to test the universal material testing machine.


There are many components of the tensile testing machine, the most important of which is the column. The column is mainly used to carry a load. For some large tensile testing machines, it is often necessary to install multiple columns. For the universal testing machine, it is not only to install the column, but also to install a crosshead on the column.



The dynamometer is attached to a movable crosshead that is driven by an electric motor or hydraulic device. A series of dynamometers with clamps measure the force and can display the results on a digital display or PC. Many universal testing machines have interchangeable dynamometers and can therefore be matched to the different materials tested.

Static testing is performed using a standard electronic universal testing machine with a typical loading speed range of 0, 001 to 20 in, /min. Dynamic tests or cycle tests such as crack growth and fatigue tests are usually carried out using a hydraulic servo system universal testing machine for a longer period of time and lower loads.

The universal testing machine stretches, bends, compresses or pulls plastic material splines through adjustments at different speed levels. This is the most common equipment in plastic compounding laboratories. In the preparation of the compound, the test material can be used to determine whether the material is suitable for certain processing applications or end applications. It can also be used for quality control of products to ensure consistency between batches of product quality.


Usually, when users test a certain material, they need to do various tests such as stretching, compression and bending. Now many customers use the universal testing machine to complete a variety of tests on the same machine, which is more convenient and simple for users to use. Easy to operate.


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