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How to maintain the constant temperature and humidity test chamber
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The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is widely used in medical and health, electronics, semiconductor, medicine, chemical, cosmetics, paint, biopharmaceutical, agricultural research because it can accurately simulate high and low temperature and high temperature, high humidity, low temperature and low humidity. Applied in research fields such as environmental protection. In order to maintain good performance and service life of the equipment, we should do a good job of maintenance, then how to maintain the constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

First of all, it is necessary to know where to maintain. For the outside, the main maintenance items are the maintenance of the outer box and the distribution room. As for the interior, the main maintenance places are: humidifier, condenser, wet ball cloth, compressor.

1. The maintenance of the outside of the equipment is mainly in terms of cleaning. The outer box of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is mainly made of stainless steel and baking varnish.

Stainless steel cleaning: The surface of the stainless steel is contaminated and cut, which causes the passive film on the steel surface to be damaged, and there is also the possibility of rust growth. This material is easily contaminated with fingerprints and is difficult to wipe off. Spray the anti-rust paint on the equipment when cleaning, and then wipe it off with a rag. The frequency of cleaning is adjusted according to the specific situation. The cleaning work in this way not only plays a role in cleaning, but also acts as a rust preventive effect on the stainless steel surface. Anti-rust paint can form a rust-proof film at the damaged part to prevent further oxidation of the material.

Baking material: This kind of non-sticky, easy to clean, just wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.

2, the cleaning of the electric room: the general power distribution room is a closed cabinet type all year round, this is recommended to clean the frequency once a year. Remove dust from the device wiring.

3, internal cleaning

1. Humidifier: Humidifier and water rust are often cleaned to avoid scale and affect the evaporation of steam. Generally, once the test is done once, the scale is removed in time to facilitate the life of the humidifying tube, ensuring smooth cleaning when using a copper brush. Wash with water.

2. Condenser: The heat dissipation (condenser) of the refrigeration unit should be regularly maintained and kept clean. The dusty paste condenser will cause the compressor high voltage switch to trip and cause false alarm. The condenser should be regularly maintained monthly. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust attached to the condenser heat sink net or use the hard brush after booting. Or use a high pressure nozzle to blow clean dust.

3. Wet ball cloth: The wet cloth of dry and wet balls is often inspected. When the surface of the test cloth is not clean or hardened, or after the temperature is controlled above 85 °C, continue to control before temperature and humidity. If it is checked, please change it if it is not water-absorbent. It is related to the accuracy of moisture measurement. The test cloth is usually replaced once in March. When replacing, use the cleaning cloth to wipe the temperature measuring body. When replacing the new test cloth, wash the hand and then clean the sink. .

4. Compressor: The compressor is the most important component of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. The maintenance of the compressor is mainly on the descaling. Let the compressor run for 20 minutes, let the temperature of the oil inside reach the normal temperature. Then stop running, wait for the pressure in the compressor chamber to lapse, open the fuel cap, pour the compressor oil freshener, run for another 40 minutes, and finally export the old oil to add new oil. The frequency of maintenance depends on the frequency of use. If it is used frequently, it is recommended to maintain it once a year.

The above is about the maintenance of constant temperature and humidity test chamber, I hope to help everyone.


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