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What should I pay attention to in the daily use of the universal material testing machine?
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After a long period of use, the universal material testing machine will cause problems such as wear and aging of the parts. As the equipment is used for a long time, these problems are more and more serious, and even affect the accuracy of the universal material testing machine. Maintenance and maintenance in daily use can effectively reduce these problems, ensure the accuracy of the equipment to the tensile test products, and extend its service life. It can be seen how important the maintenance in daily life is. What aspects should you pay attention to in daily maintenance?


There are several aspects to be aware of during the daily use of the universal material testing machine:

1. After each use of the device. The piston does not have to fall quickly to the bottom of the cylinder, leaving a little IDE clearance to facilitate the next run.

2. The valve on the dynamometer should not be opened to avoid dust and other debris falling into the interior, which affects the flexibility of its mechanical performance.

3. When the universal material testing machine is stopped for a long time, it should be coated with anti-rust oil on the outside and placed in a dry environment, and the cleaning of the universal tensile testing machine should be carried out regularly.

4. It is not allowed to bend the steel bars with tools of different diameters, especially with small diameter tools to bend large diameter steel bars.

5. Non-professionals who do not understand the construction of the tensile testing machine should not be allowed to stop and disassemble the equipment. When disassembling the appliance, it must be done after the power is turned off, otherwise it will cause damage to the electronic components.


The above is a small series for everyone to sort out some things that need to be paid attention to in the daily use of the universal material testing machine, I hope to help everyone.


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