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How to install the constant temperature and humidity test chamber? What should you pay attention to?
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The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is suitable for testing the performance of materials in various environments and testing various materials for heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and moisture resistance. Such as electronics, electrical appliances, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical, aerospace and other products for quality testing, as well as aerospace products, information electronic instruments, materials, electrical, electronic products, each A variety of electronic components in the hot and humid environment, to test their performance indicators. The control method adopts the heat balance temperature regulation and humidity control mode; all electrical appliances adopt the (Schneider) series products, and the temperature and humidity control adopts the PID+SSR system co-channel coordinated control so that the heating and humidifying amount of the system is equal to the heat and moisture loss amount, so it can be stable for a long time. use.


When installing a constant temperature and humidity test chamber, the combination between the cabinet and the internal structural system is indispensable. For the operation of a test chamber, the power supply unit is lacking, and the wiring of the relevant standard and its electric power are specified. How to specify the configuration of the entire power supply, then how to carry out the whole step?


  1. When selecting the power supply wiring of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, it is generally 1¢3W220VAC, 50HZ. However, it is applicable to use the wire: 2.0~2.5mm2 and the cable length is less than 10m. Pay attention to the installation of the power supply when configuring, and not be able to connect multiple mechanical devices to one power supply at the same time;

2. the power line of the test box is to use its three-phase power supply, and it must be carried out well for other owing phases to protect the work smoothly. Because the phasing of the three-phase power supply is very easy to break compared to the ordinary power supply, it has the advantageous performance that is not available in its ordinary power supply;

3. When the grounding wire is located around its water pipe, and the surrounding water pipe must be made of its metal material, in this operating state, our technicians can safely connect the grounding wire to its water pipe. connected;

4. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber must not be damaged when it is installed in the power supply. We must not put the grounding wire on the street gas pipe to avoid the explosion.

5. Before the power supply is installed in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, our technical engineers must check whether the machine will be damaged during the transportation process. However, if the power supply wire is damaged or not, the box body is deformed. Is the air circulation system intact? The cleanliness inside the cabinet is in compliance with the standard.


In a series of precautions and procedures, according to the power supply configuration of the wire and the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, the smooth operation of the entire operation process or the smooth operation of the work is emphasized, highlighting the importance of the power supply throughout the operation process without it. Can't work.


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