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Dynamic and static inspection accuracy of universal tensile testing machine
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Universal tensile testing machine can analyze the test results, such as elongation, average value, the stress, strain and damage, etc. Universal tensile testing machine can also be cooperation test target model or begged specimens will be damaged and get the whole test process, analyzes the physical properties of the test samples, such as tensile, compressive, flexural and fatigue, stripping force, bending, etc. The other specimens with specimens cut machine manufacturing equipment such as air compressor, specimens of hard cutting machine, such as hot pressing molding machine can be made more accurate standard specimens to test.

Universal tensile testing machine test the static and dynamic accuracy of:

1, universal tensile testing machine, static accuracy
For each power range, set the machine accuracy level for level 1 or level 2, every range of machine classification, according to the testing machine when measured values determine the precision and accuracy.
Standard grade 1 and grade 2 is given in the precision and accuracy of maximum allowable values, see diagram to explain the specific standard error. Machine test if separate compression or other model range, the test should be independent.
Test methods should be according to relevant standards, after inspection of the device should be within the accuracy limits in table 1. If the trial is confidential and used for measuring the circular force, should be two ways of increasing and decreasing force test.

2, universal tensile testing machine and dynamic accuracy

Equipped with electronic tensile testing machine, load device can be thought of in the standard given by the chapter 9 test speed completely without inertia. But this does not necessarily apply to and together they usually use electronic recorder, in many cases the recorder dynamic not accuracy considerably more than their static accuracy.
All electromechanical recorder is dynamic error, the error is usually based on the device of inertial acceleration error and caused by the friction effect of mechanical and electrostatic pen lag error. Recorder in the process of dynamic measurement accuracy by record test best size of the error signal. Under the condition of the instrument performance is not affected to complete, but often it is technically difficult. So that the current in the limit of the dynamic accuracy of this standard and calibration method is not practical. So, the user should obtained from testing machine manufacturer to calculate probability measurement error and evaluate whether the error significantly recorder dynamic accuracy. In a case, with the dynamic error can be reduce the test speed, or by raising the output device of a full scale reading, to reduce the acceleration and speed.


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