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What types of tensile testing machines are currently classified?
Source:wbe  Popularity:190  Time:2019-06-10
The tensile testing machine includes a wide variety of types, including not only our common metal tensile testing machines or electronic tensile testing machines, but also many other types. According to different categories, the types are different. What are the main types of tensile testing machines?


If we follow its degree of automation, it can usually be divided into three categories, the traditional pointer type tensile testing machine. The price of this type of tensile testing machine is usually low, although the measurement range is small but it is due to the price. Still very popular. The second is the digital display tensile testing machine. The data of this tensile testing machine is tested by computer.

Finally, the computer system's tensile testing machine, which is currently used in the widest range, but the price is also the most expensive, its data is very accurate, are processed by the computer and then the data, many large The factory also uses tensile testing machines for computer systems. 


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