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A tensile test machine with multiple sensors is good
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Recently, a customer consulting technician in Jiangsu Province: Can a tensile testing machine be equipped with multiple sensors, is it good? With multiple sensors, can you do a variety of tests with a tensile tester? It is ok to have multiple sensors. As for the good, please see the details below.


1, good influence

The so-called good influence is the advantage of the product compared to the conventional model. By configuring multiple sensors, it is possible to perform mechanical properties such as stretching, compression, and bending of a variety of materials on a single machine. This greatly saves the user's budget, and a machine does not occupy a large space, especially suitable for the same kind of material, but its specifications, strength, and force values are quite different.


2, bad influence

Although the electronic tensile testing machine can replace the sensor arbitrarily, this does not mean that the original sensor is unloaded, and then the new sensor is installed. Every sensor has its specific force value and precision control range. Once the sensor is replaced, the sensor is recalibrated, so that the original simple test becomes complicated, and if the user frequently replaces the sensor, it will inevitably accelerate the damage of the sensor.


Whether you need to add sensors and the correct operation method, Weibang will have professional technical engineers to provide you with reasonable solutions according to your technical requirements and test materials.


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