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What are the fields used in metal tensile testing machines?
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Compared with the traditional ordinary tensile testing machine, the metal tensile testing machine can use more load, and the range of measuring force is much wider than the traditional tensile testing machine, so now more and more fields are Beginning to use a metal tensile tester. So what are the main areas of metal tensile testing machines in China?

The first field used by metal tensile testing machines in China is in the field of metrology. Many of the metrology fields use metal tensile testing machines to measure products. The corresponding rubber field also needs to be inspected and measured, so metal is also used. The tensile testing machine, the metallurgical and steel fields have also frequently appeared in the metal tensile testing machine.

In addition, metal tensile testing machines are used in materials and food inspection departments, and many metal tensile testing machines are also used in aviation and medical fields. Nowadays, in order to improve their own competitiveness, many colleges and universities have also purchased a large number of metal tensile testing machines, and related scientific research sites have begun to use metal tensile testing machines.


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