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Electromagnetic vibration testing machine
  • 电磁式振动试验机

WBE-ZD-6050 Electromagnetic vibration testing machine

The electromagnetic vibration test series is widely used in the vibration test of quality system certification in communication, electronics, automobile, household appliances, toys and other industries. This type of equipment is suitable for detecting early faults, simulating actual working condition assessment and structural strength test. This series of products can also be used in the research and production of various products on-line vibration-proof inspection test, so that your product quality has a strong and reliable guarantee.



1. Function: sine wave, frequency modulation, frequency sweep, programmable, multiplier, logarithm, amplitude modulation, maximum acceleration (20g), time control,

2. The outer body size is about L*H*W: 1000×700×580mm (can be customized)

3. Table size: 600*500*46 (can be customized)

4. Vibration direction: vertical, horizontal,

5. The most test load: 60kg + 10kg (can be customized)

6. FM function: adjustable in any frequency range

7. Sweep function (0.01Hz): (upper frequency / lower frequency / time range) can be set to the true standard back and forth frequency sweep

8. Programmable function (0.01Hz): 32 segments can be set arbitrarily (frequency / time) can be cycled

9. Multiplier function (0.01Hz): 32 segments multiplied by 1 low to high frequency 2 high to low frequency 3 low to high then low frequency / recyclable

10. Logarithmic function (0.01Hz): 1 down to upper frequency 2 up to down frequency 3 down to up to down frequency - 3 mode logarithm / recyclable

11. Vibration machine power (KW): 2.5

12. Amplitude (adjustable range mmp-p): 0 to 5.0 mm

13. Vibration waveform: sine wave

14. Time control: any time can be set (hours. minutes. seconds can reach 99.99)

15. Power supply voltage (V): 220 ± 10%

16. Precision: frequency can be displayed to 0.01Hz, precision 0.1Hz

17. Vibration frequency: 1~600HZ can be set

18. The control system can also perform fixed frequency and frequency sweep operation without software control.

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