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Ozone aging test chamber
  • Ozone aging test chamber

WBE-QL Ozone aging test chamber

The content of ozone in the atmosphere is very small, but it is the main factor of rubber cracking. The ozone aging tank simulates and strengthens the ozone condition in the atmosphere, studies the action of ozone on rubber, and quickly identifies and evaluates the anti-ozone aging performance of rubber and anti-ozonant. The method of protection effectiveness, and then take effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products, the ozone gas generated by the silent high-efficiency ozone generator, and a certain amount of treated air, mixed in the exchanger and then sent The test chamber and the ultraviolet detector feed back the ozone concentration detected continuously on the line to the ozone generator control system, so that the control system can effectively control the occurrence of ozone according to the set value, so that the test chamber maintains a suitable ozone concentration, and is humidified by heating. The system works to meet all test conditions.



1. Air circulation device: Built-in circulation air duct, the test airflow is evenly parallel from the top to the bottom of the test piece, in line with the national standard.

2. The ozone aging test chamber adopts integrated ozone concentration, temperature and humidity controller (setting mode is light touch button type), high integration, good reliability, led display, display resolution temperature (0.1 °C), humidity (0.1rh ), ozone concentration (1pphm), pid set value control, easy to operate.

3. The electromagnetic air pump provides the air source and is free of oil to ensure the reliability of the long-term operation of the pneumatic system.

4, dual-speed UV ozone detector meets internationally recognized standards for ozone detection, stable performance, automatic zero control, ozone-free cold light source UV lamp long life, high precision, Bill-Lambert digital system measurement software, accurate and reliable.

Applicable standard

ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB7762-2003 GB/T136421-92 HG/T2869-97GJB1217-91 Equipment implementation (satisfaction) related standards: meet the GB/T2951.5-1997 standard.

Technical specifications



Inner box size WDH width and height

500×600×500mm (can be customized)

Dimensions WDH wide and deep


Studio temperature range


Temperature deviation


Temperature resolution


Humidity range

40%~90%RH(25℃   ~65℃)

Humidity deviation / uniformity / volatility

±5%.RH;/5%.RH / ≤±3%.RH

Temperature resolution


Ozone concentration


Ozone concentration deviation


Equipment electric power

380V 4.5 KW

equipment weight

About 250 Kg

Sample rack speed

360 degree rotating sample holder (speed 1 rpm / MIN)

Stretch mode

A has static stretching mode B dynamic stretching mode

Equipment using power


Industry application


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