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Three comprehensive test chamber / temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive test chamber
  • 三综合试验箱

WBE-SZH Three comprehensive test chamber / temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive test chamber

The three comprehensive test chambers mainly provide temperature and humidity change environment for aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, electronics, communication and other scientific research and production units. At the same time, the electric vibration stress can be applied to the test products in the test chamber according to the specified period for users. The whole machine (or parts), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, etc. are used for temperature and humidity and vibration comprehensive stress screening tests in order to assess the adaptability of the test articles or to evaluate the behavior of the test articles. Compared with the single factor, it can more accurately reflect the adaptability of electrical and electronic products to changes in temperature, humidity and vibration composite environment during transportation and actual use. The defects of exposed products are new product development, prototype test and product qualification. An important test method essential to the whole process of the test.



Equipment composition: test box, motion connection system, control system, refrigeration / dehumidification system, heating / humidification system, air duct system.

Meet the standards: GB/T 2423.24, GB/T 2423.20, SAE J2044, JIS D0208, ISO 6750-4, VW80101, GMW 3172, GB/T 2423.1/2/3/4, GB/T 2423.9, GB/T 2423.22, GB/T 2423.34, GJB 150.4, GB/T 10592, GB/T 10586, GB/T5170.5, GB11158, GB105589, GJB150.3, etc.

It can meet the user's various needs and adopt a unique balanced temperature adjustment and humidity control method to obtain a safe and accurate temperature and humidity environment. With stable and balanced heating and humidifying performance, it can control high temperature and high temperature and humidity. Equipped with high-precision and intelligent temperature regulator, the temperature and humidity adopts color LCD touch screen display, which can carry out various complicated program settings. The program setting adopts dialogue mode, and the operation is simple and rapid. The refrigeration circuit is automatically selected, and the automatic control device automatically selects the performance of the running refrigeration circuit with the set value of the temperature, realizes direct start cooling under high temperature state, and directly cools down.

Technical specifications





Environmental box parameters


WBE-SZH-volume-ABC (volume can also be customized according to requirements)

Content product (L)





Studio size (WxDxH) (mm) wide and deep





Temperature regulation and humidity control

Balanced temperature adjustment and humidity control (BTHC) PID intelligent adjustment

temperature range

  A:-40℃~+150℃ B:-60℃~+150℃    C:-70℃~+150℃  

Humidity range

20%~98%R.H (10%~98%R.H, 5%~98%R.H; customized for special conditions)

Temperature distribution uniformity


Temperature control fluctuation


Temperature deviation


Humidity deviation

75%R.H <±5%R.H;75%R.H ≥±3%R.H,

Humidity fluctuation


Humidity distribution uniformity

225L≤±3%    408L≥±5%

Heating rate

Approx. 2 ° C / min; no load (temperature rate 2 ~ 25 ° C / min linear / nonlinear for special conditions need to be customized)

Cooling rate

About 0.7 ~ 1.7 ° C / min; no load (temperature rate 2 ~ 25 ° C / min linear / nonlinear for special conditions need to be customized)

Temperature and humidity resolution

0.01℃/ 0.1%R.H


Inner shell material

SUS304 mirror stainless steel

Housing material

Anti-rust treatment cold-rolled steel plate spray / SUS304 brushed stainless steel

Insulation heat insulation

Germany Bayer Polyethylene Foam (PU foam insulation)


France Taikang TECUMSEH compressor / Germany Bitzer BITZER compressor / Germany GEA blog compressor

The refrigerant

R404/R23 (environmental refrigerant)

Shaker table parameters

Vertical table mm





Water platform mm





Frequency HZ

2-2500、 2-3000、   2-3200、 2-4000HZ

Amplitude mm


Maximum acceleration cm/s


Maximum vibration force kg.f

300、600、1000、2000、3200、4000、5000、6000 kg.f

Machine parameters

Connection and conversion

Use the lift to change horizontal and vertical vibration

Environmental machine usage

Environmental machine can be used under horizontal and vertical vibration and without vertical horizontal vibration

Machine drive

The lift has the function of controlling the up, down, left and right of the environment machine, so the vertical platform of the vibrating table is fixed after the surface is fixed, and no action is required.

power supply

AC three-phase five-wire 380V 50HZ

Industry application


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