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Rapid temperature change test chamber
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WBE-KS Rapid temperature change test chamber

Under the design strength limit, the product uses the temperature acceleration technique (the product produces alternating expansion and contraction when circulating in the upper and lower extreme temperatures) to change the external environmental stress, causing thermal stress and strain in the product, and through the accelerated stress. In order to make the potential parts of the product appear in the product, process defects, process defects, to avoid the product in the process of use, due to environmental stress test failure, resulting in unnecessary losses, improve product shipments The rate has a significant effect on reducing the number of repairs. In addition, the stress screen itself is a process stage process, not a reliability test, so stress screening is a 100% procedure for the product.



1. The structure design of the test system is advanced and reasonable, the manufacturing process is standardized, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.

2. The main functional components of the test box are equipped with world famous brand configuration (high gold content), advanced and reliable technical principle, reasonable control of noise and energy saving - its performance can replace similar foreign products.

3, the matching of components and assembly is good, the main functional components are imported with international advanced level, which improves the safety and reliability of the products, and can guarantee the user's long-term and high-frequency use requirements.

4. The equipment has good operability, maintainability, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, no pollution to the environment and endangering personal health.

5. Adopt imported controller.

Technical specifications


Rapid temperature change test chamber WBE-KS-volume-AB-abcde/1a1b1c1d1e

Content product (L)






Studio size (WxDxH) (mm) wide and deep







Temperature regulation and humidity control

Balanced temperature adjustment and humidity control (BTHC) PID intelligent adjustment

temperature range


Linear range

A:-40℃~(+85、+100、+125℃) B:-60℃~+150℃(+85、+100、+125℃)  

Humidity range

20%~98%R.H (10%~98%R.H, 5%~98%R.H; customized for special conditions)

Temperature distribution uniformity


Temperature/humidity control fluctuation


Temperature/humidity deviation

≤±2℃ / 75%R.H <±5%R.H , 75%R.H ≥±3%R.H,

Heating rate

Linear / non-linear a: 5, b10, c15, d20, e25 ° C / min (temperature rate 2 ~ 25 ° C / min linear / nonlinear) Linear: abcde Nonlinear: 1a1b1c1d1e

Cooling rate

Linear / non-linear a: 5, b10, c15, d20, e25 ° C / min (temperature rate 2 ~ 25 ° C / min linear / nonlinear) Linear: abcde Nonlinear: 1a1b1c1d1e

Inner/housing material

SUS304 mirror stainless steel / anti-rust treatment cold-rolled steel plate spray / SUS304 brushed stainless steel

Cooling method

Fully enclosed two-stage compressor (air-cooled) / German BITZER BITZER compressor or German GEA blog compressor (water-cooled)

Control system / resolution

Tai Tong TATO / Korea TECH ternary / 0.01 ° C / 0.1% R.H

Ambient temperature / humidity

Air-cooled +5°C~+26°C, water-cooled 5°C~+35°C / ≤85%RH

Industry application


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