R&D capabilities

Have hardware, software development capabilities and mechanical design and development capabilities

Without innovation, there is no development. Innovation is the soul of enterprise progress and the inexhaustible motive force for career advancement. First, we must innovate in culture, second, we must manage innovation, and third, we must innovate in technology.

Weibang Instrument pursues sustainable operation, especially focusing on R&D and innovation. Since its establishment, it has set up a product R&D center. As the company expands its scale, the R&D department grasps the pioneers of the times and closely integrates with production.

R&D capabilities

Production system

Plan → Execute → Check → Action

According to the quality system PDCA methodology and customer needs, the internal process has strict control and continuous improvement to ensure high quality and reliable products.

Products meet GB, ISO, BS, ASTM, DIN, UL, EN, CSA, JIS, ISTA and other test standards. Providing long-term effective solutions for different customer needs while ensuring delivery quality.

Production system


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