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What to pay attention to when installing the thermal shock test chamber
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However, we need to detect the reaction of the same item in the case of short-term thermal expansion and contraction. It is necessary to have a thermal shock test chamber. The thermal shock test chamber can detect the material structure or composite material and pass the extremely high temperature in an instant. The degree of tolerance in a very low temperature continuous environment, in order to test the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time. So what should you pay attention to when installing the hot and cold shock test chamber? What preparations do you need to make?


1. The site needs to have a size of 3m*3m*3.5m wide and deep, which is mainly for:

A. Facilitate the movement of people.

B. Facilitate subsequent maintenance and maintenance.

C. This can get a good heat dissipation.


2. Check the relevant dimensions of the aisle door, corridor, elevator door, laboratory door, etc. in advance. These dimensions need to be larger than the outer dimensions of the thermal shock test box equipment, so that the laboratory can be successfully installed, commissioned, and trained.

3. The surrounding of the laboratory needs to be well ventilated. It needs a large enough window. The windows need to be opened frequently to keep the ventilation smooth.

4. The laboratory has already equipped the power supply, air switch, copper core wire, etc. in advance. (The size of the copper core wire depends on the size of the equipment, so the power supply, air switch, copper core wire need to ask the equipment supplier)

5. When the power supply voltage is too low, an autotransformer should be set to increase the voltage to the rated value. It is not possible to start because the voltage is too low, and the compressor motor is burned.

6. Please use the special switch for the power switch. Do not use the common SW plug with other electrical machinery. Do not place the cord on the floor or in a damp place to avoid stepping on or leaking electricity.

7. The air conditioner should be installed in the laboratory to control the temperature at normal temperature. This is beneficial to the service life and stability of the equipment.

8. Although the materials in the test box are made of high-grade stainless steel, the wet water is easy to make the machine and electronic control, which has adverse effects and reduces efficiency. It should be avoided as much as possible.


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