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What is the type and structure of the air compressor of the salt spray test machine?
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Salt spray test machine, also known as salt spray test machine, is a kind of test equipment used to simulate the damage caused by accelerated corrosion of marine peripheral climate. It is widely used in electronics, electrician, research schools, military units, national research institutes and other industries. The equipment is divided into neutral salt spray and acid salt spray. The difference is that the standard is different from the test method. Also known as "NSS" and "CASS" test, it is the most common test method in artificial three weather protection. It is mainly composed of a control system and a spray system. Air compressors are one of the necessary configurations that a customer company should have. This article is a small series to explain to you about the type and structure of air compressors.


According to the form of compressed gas, it can be divided into two types: volumetric type and speed type;


According to whether the gas compression process is mixed with the lubricating oil, it can be divided into two different air compressors: oil lubrication and oilless lubrication;


According to the working pressure level, it can be divided into three categories: low pressure (supply pressure ≤1.3MPa), medium pressure (supply pressure 1.3~4.0MPa), and high pressure (supply pressure 4.0~40MPa and above).


According to the structure and working principle of the equipment, it can be divided into five categories: piston air compressor, screw air compressor, vane air compressor, centrifugal air compressor, scroll air compressor;


According to whether the use process needs to be moved into fixed and mobile air compressors, mobile type is divided into diesel mobile machine and electric mobile machine according to the type of power supply.


The requirements of the salt spray machine for the air compressor are: pressure: 0.8mpa, air flow: greater than or equal to 0.12 cubic meters / minute.


The salt spray machine has extremely high requirements for its own assembly configuration. The air compressor is in an important configuration, and a fluid machine for upgrading low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas is also the heart of the refrigeration system.



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