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Analyze how to determine the sensitivity of the tensile machine
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     Universal material testing machine and tensile testing machine are referred to as tensile machines. This equipment is a test for the performance test and analysis of various metals or non-metals and various composite materials for various industries. Their maximum experimental values and fracture values are studied. Precision instruments such as data. It can be said that the tensile machine is an indispensable equipment in various industries. Therefore, the sensitivity requirement for the tensile machine is very high, which directly affects the accuracy of the test object. So, how can the sensitivity be determined by the tensile force? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.



      It can be known from the material mechanics that under small deformation conditions, the strain ε at a certain point of an elastic element is proportional to the force of the elastic element and also proportional to the degree of elastic deformation. Taking the S-type sensor as an example, when the S-type sensor is subjected to the tensile force P, since the strain gauge is attached to the surface of the elastic member, since the strain of the elastic member is proportional to the magnitude of the external force P, the strain gauge is inserted into the measuring circuit. Then, the output voltage can be measured to measure the force.

       In general, the output signal of the sensor is generally very weak, usually only a few mV. If we measure this signal directly, it is very difficult and cannot meet the high-precision measurement requirements, so it must be passed through the amplifier. This weak signal is amplified, and the amplified signal voltage can reach 10V. The signal at this time is an analog signal. This analog signal is converted into a digital signal by a multi-way switch and an A/D conversion chip, and then data processing is performed. At this point, the force measurement is brought to an end. The device has two chucks connected to the photoelectric encoder mounted on the top of the measuring device through a series of transmission mechanisms. When the distance between the two chucks changes, the shaft of the photoelectric encoder is rotated, and the photoelectric encoder is driven. There will be a pulse signal output. Then, the signal is processed by the single chip microcomputer, and the deformation amount of the sample can be obtained. Touch key operation mode, display real-time display is convenient and fast. It can realize the lifting and lowering of the beam when the sample is clamped, and has the functions of overload protection.

       The tension machine has a wide and accurate force range and loading speed. It has high precision and sensitivity for measurement and control of deformation, displacement and load. It can also perform constant velocity loading, constant velocity deformation and constant velocity displacement to automatically control salt spray. Test, and has the function of low cycle load cycle reciprocating, deformation cycle reciprocating, displacement cycle reciprocating.


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