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Warmly celebrate Ogilvy Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to purchase our 10T tensile testing machine
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Warmly celebrate Ogilvy Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to purchase our 10T tensile testing machine

In September 2015, Ogilvy Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. purchased our 10T tensile testing machine. Now we have finished the delivery training. We are very satisfied with our products. Thank you very much for the support of Weibang Instrument from Ogilvy Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.!


Ogilvy Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., formerly known as "Zhongshan Ogilvy & Mather Industrial Co., Ltd.", is located in Zhongshan City, the hometown of great men. It is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, which is mainly engaged in research and development, manufacturing, automation, digitalization and intelligent equipment. Enterprises, Guangdong famous brand products enterprises, standardized good behavior enterprises, with Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, Guangdong Provincial Engineering Laboratory. Has passed ISO quality management system and measurement management system certification. With more than 80 professional R & D personnel, processing equipment is available. It has cooperated with more than 10 colleges and universities such as Beijing Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology and Wuhan University of Technology to provide technical support for the development of high-tech enterprises. As of June 2015, a total of 364 patents have been applied for, and 218 have been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, including 61 invention patents.

    The company's products mainly include piping processing, air conditioning heat exchanger processing, environmental protection machinery, custom-made, industrial robots, new energy comprehensive utilization and other equipment. It is a leading enterprise in the domestic intelligent equipment industry and a leading enterprise in the production of special equipment for domestic air-conditioning heat exchangers. The products have the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, energy saving, material saving, etc., and have won the favor of customers at home and abroad with beautiful appearance, excellent performance and humanized operation. Users all over the world.

Ogilvy & Mather adheres to the tenet of “Perseverance, Excellence, Innovation, and Advance with the Times” to improve China's industrial equipment level, catch up with the world, and strive to practice the “Chinese Dream” of industrial prosperity!


Weibang Instrument main pull / pressure testing machine (universal material testing machine), constant temperature and humidity test chamber (high temperature wet test chamber), thermal shock test chamber, ultraviolet aging test chamber, xenon lamp aging test chamber, rain test chamber, Key mouse industry testing equipment, carton industry testing equipment, elevator industry testing equipment, and other non-standard custom testing equipment, the company a large number of stock, welcome new and old customers to inquire!


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