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What are the basic characteristics of the electronic tensile testing machine?
Source:wbe  Popularity:170  Time:2019-06-10

In recent years, with the continuous development of electronic science, the latest electronic tensile testing machine has been developed using the principle and technology of imported photoelectric coding, which is the choice for testing the tensile strength of building materials. Such a displacement measurement method can accurately measure the tensile force of these materials. So what are the basic characteristics of this device?


Feature 1: The test equipment adopts the internationally advanced embedded single-chip microcomputer structure design, and its technical characteristics and advantages are also relatively comprehensive and systematic. After grasping the use and function in this aspect, the technical advantages of tensile strength performance and elastic performance in this process are greatly improved.

Feature 2: After the electronic tensile testing machine is widely used, there is an electronic counter in the measurement process to perform automatic statistical results. The accuracy is still very high. With the support of such advanced electronic science, the application of this kind of equipment will be more advanced and first-class, and it will bring the best detection function in the production process of many building materials.


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