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Universal tensile testing machine is needed in all current mechanical fields.
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In the present, all kinds of machinery need to use the tensile machine, and the universal tensile testing machine is a scientific research method. After several years of research, it constantly improves the product produced.


The testing machine uses hydraulic pressure to apply the test force. In order to ensure the high accuracy of the test force reading of the testing machine, the machine uses the oil pressure sensor to measure the force. After the amplification process, the digital display shows the test force, the force peak and the loading rate. The hydraulic system is mainly controlled by hand, which is more convenient, safe and reliable. The clamping part of the jaw is hydraulically clamped, and the attachment can be extended to extend the test range. The accuracy of the test force is one level.


Universal pull test machine cylinder under the test machine host one, size 1100 × 900 × 2400mm


One universal oil source for universal tensile testing machine, size 850×670×1100mm;


Universal tensile test machine round sample jaw Φ13-26mm one, suitable for tensile test of various bars of diameter 13-26mm round steel, rebar;


Universal tensile testing machine, round specimen jaws Φ26-40mm, suitable for tensile testing of various bars such as 26-40mm round steel and rebar;


The universal tensile tester has a flat specimen jaw of 0-20mm, which is suitable for tensile tests on plates with a thickness of less than 20mm and various bars with a diameter of less than 13mm.


A set of upper and lower pressure plate and spherical seat plate for universal tensile testing machine, suitable for compression test;


A set of bending test device for universal tensile testing machine can be used for bending test of various samples.


The universal tensile testing machine adopts high-speed DSP platform, and its high integration, powerful control, data processing capability and high reliability are unmatched by other testing machines.


The universal tensile testing machine electronic tension machine adopts the all-digital and closed-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on the neuron adaptive PID algorithm to realize the full digital closed-loop control of force and displacement. The control loops can be automatically switched between each control ring. Smooth transition without impact when switching between modes.


In addition to the power interface, the universal tensile testing machine adopts the standard USB interface. The plug-and-play interface can realize hot plugging, which means plug-and-play function. Interface features can be set online by software. The layout of each interface is neat and reasonable, and the plugging and unplugging is convenient.


Through the long-term experiment, the tension machine itself adopts automatic processing, and the closed-loop control of the whole CNC system can handle various stretching, reliable performance and excellent material, which are among the best in the industry.


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