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Don't worry about what the universal tensile testing machine does.
Source:wbe  Popularity:155  Time:2019-06-10
Universal tensile machine has independent servo loading system, high precision broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve, to ensure that the system of high efficiency, low noise, fast response, Adopt independent hydraulic clamping system, make sure the system low noise running smoothly, and the test sample is firm clamping, not skid. Universal tensile machine is controlled by computer digital broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve, drive precision hydraulic cylinder, microcomputer control system on the test force, displacement and deformation for a variety of automatic control mode, complete the tensile, compression and bending test of sample. The whole control system has the very high cost performance, high reliability, computer control the whole test process, dynamic display of real-time load value, displacement and deformation value, the test speed and test curve. Using the microcomputer data processing analysis, test results can be automatically saved, after the test to bring up the experiment curve, through curve traversal repeat test process, the whole Chinese Windows platform test software, has a strong data and graphics functions, can be printed out immediately complete test reports and test curve, has perfect limit protection, overload protection, stop and other security protection function.

Universal tensile machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, high cost performance, is the user ideal test equipment


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