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Universal tensile testing machine has perfect protection functions such as limit protection, overload protection and emergency stop.
Source:wbe  Popularity:165  Time:2019-06-10
Universal tensile machine can do the whole material within 30000 n tensile, compression, bending, stripping, prick test, such as CNC full touch screen to set the required parameters, curve, displacement, material testing machine force value can dynamic display on the digital display device, connecting a computer to achieve full computer control and print the standard test report; Material testing machine thoroughly change the traditional material testing machine the machine heavy, complicated operation and performance of the shortcomings of single. Appearance using squeeze type sealing plate and advanced treatment of the lacquer that bake, more show the beauty is generous. It USES high speed DSP platform, and its high integration, powerful control, data processing ability, high reliability, using adaptive PID algorithm of full digital, force, deformation and displacement control system, the implementation force, deformation and displacement of full digital control, can automatically switch between each control loop, test force, deformation and displacement can be rate control and maintain, such as usb communication, plug-and-play interface this interface can realize hot plug, which have the function of plug and play. Make each interface neat layout reasonable, easy to plug, unique anti-interference system board USES 4 layer PCB wiring method, anti-interference ability is strong, the whole control system has a high cost performance, high reliability, using microcomputer control the whole test process, dynamic display of real-time load value, displacement and deformation value, the test speed and test curve. Using the microcomputer data processing analysis, test results can be automatically saved, after the test to bring up the experiment curve, through curve traversal repeat test process, the whole Chinese Windows platform test software, has a strong data and graphics functions, can be printed out immediately complete test reports and test curve, has perfect limit protection, overload protection, stop and other security protection function.


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