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Teach you how to solve the daily problems of the tensile testing machine
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Any equipment used for a long time, more or less will have some problems, so in the customer's information phone, which asked about the tensile test machine maintenance related calls are not a few, for the customer's daily consultation more problems, our after-sales person in charge List it here for analysis. 


1. If the test force and displacement do not change during the test, check whether the connection data line between the computer and the tensile tester is loose or loose (if these loose or fall off, install and connect and tighten);

2. Check if the connected sensor is selected correctly (whether the sensor is too large or too small, whether it is damaged); check whether the sensor has been hit when the test or keyboard is operated recently;

3, the test machine host power supply but the device can not move up and down, check whether the device is still unable to move after 15S (time), because the host needs self-test, it takes about 15S time; check whether the upper and lower limits are in the right position, Have a certain running space; check whether the power supply voltage of the access test machine is normal.

4. The power of the test machine host is not bright and cannot be moved up and down. Check whether the power supply line connected to the test machine is connected properly; check whether the emergency stop switch is in the screwed state; check whether the power supply voltage of the test machine is normal; check whether the fuse on the machine socket is blown, please remove the spare fuse and install it. .

5. Check whether the calibration or calibration function of the software is used before the problem occurs; check whether the calibration value, calibration value or other information in the hardware parameters are manually changed (if there is no calibration reset, it must be calibrated and reset);

6. Check if the sensor calibration value is garbled. The corresponding calibration force code value is consistent with the parameters in the original backup disc. If you have a small problem or you have a problem, you can try to replace the sensor.

7. Connect with the computer. After the software and the test machine are online, the message box will display the overload. Check whether the communication line between the computer and the test machine is off. Check whether the sensor is selected correctly. Check whether the sensor is being tested or the keyboard is operated. Collision; check if the software's calibration or calibration function was used before the problem occurred; check if the calibration value, calibration value, or other information in the hardware parameters have been manually changed.


Recommendation: The tensile testing machine should focus on routine maintenance, which can reduce the probability of failure of the testing machine. Always check the load system, strain system and transmission system of the tensile testing machine, power supply voltage, start-up detection, pneumatic clamp, air compression pump, foot switch, etc. Whether the rack is lubricated or not is often checked. Regular daily maintenance and regular calibration can ensure the normal use of the tension machine to avoid misalignment during the test and extend the service life of the tension machine.


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