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Common faults and solutions in the use of tensile testing machines
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There are many problems in the daily working process of the tensile testing machine. The common ones are as follows:

      1. After the computer software is online, the message box appears to be overloaded.

      The solution is to check whether the communication line between the computer and the test machine is off; check whether the online selection sensor is selected correctly; check whether the sensor has been knocked when the most recent test or keyboard is operated; check whether the software calibration or calibration function is used before the problem occurs; Check if you have manually changed other calibration values, calibration values, or other information in the hardware parameters.

      2. The power of the test machine host is not bright and cannot be moved up and down.

      The solution is to check whether the power supply line connected to the test machine is connected properly; check whether the emergency stop switch is in the screwed state; check whether the power supply voltage of the access test machine is normal; check whether the fuse on the machine socket is blown, please take out the spare fuse Just install it.

      3. The main power of the test machine is powered but the device cannot move up and down.

      The solution is to check if the device is still unable to move after 15S (time), because the host needs self-test after booting, it takes about 15S time; check whether the upper and lower limits are in the proper position, there is a certain running space; check the access test machine Whether the power supply voltage is normal.


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