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How is the birth and development of the tensile testing machine?
Source:wbe  Popularity:366  Time:2019-06-10

With the successful development of physical pull, it has been widely used in many industries. Among them, in the scientific research process in the past few years, the latest tensile testing machine equipment has been developed, and there have been great progress and upgrades in terms of functions and technologies, especially in materials. Therefore, after years of continuous research and development and upgrading, the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive.

The tensile testing machine is mainly used for testing the tensile performance of plastic sheet, pipe, wire and cable, steel, etc., and has high precision in the measurement process and advanced technology.

In recent years, after the extensive testing equipment of the tensile testing machine has entered the national building materials market, it has been welcomed by many material manufacturers. Because these manufacturers need to use such test equipment in quality inspection when producing materials, it can be determined whether the quality of the material meets the national standard.


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