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What are the functional characteristics of the rubber tensile testing machine?
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The rubber tensile testing machine is different from other types of testing machines. This type of testing machine is mainly used for different performance tests such as stretching, compression and shearing for different materials. The use of testing machine equipment is also not only the use of rubber-like objects, but also some materials for plastics and steel, fiber optic wire and cable materials can be accurately tested.


This kind of rubber tensile testing machine is also very wide in scope of use, such as scientific research institutes, some specialized colleges, some leather, tires and textiles, and other industries, such as the development and utilization of materials and quality inspection and control. This type of testing machine is an essential equipment.

Not only that, the test machine is also a DC motor, and the design of the structural system is also an integrated design, the measurement results of various parameters can be displayed on the big screen of the computer, not only that, but also loading Protection functions and displacement measurements, etc.


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