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What is the functional principle of the metal tensile testing machine?
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As the name suggests, the metal tensile testing machine is a testing machine for testing the tensile force of metal. Although the name is so, in fact, the testing machine can also test other plastics, rubber and other non-metallic materials, such as automobile steel plates. Such as car parts and other items undergo a series of tests such as stretching and compression and tearing.


The principle of this test machine is to adopt the design concept of integration of machine and motor. There are also many software devices, such as computer, transmitter and own microprocessor. The computer is essential. The computer monitor is Used to show the entire process of the test, the resulting graph can be observed more intuitively.

The test report measured by the metal tensile testing machine, the user can modify the report content according to the requirements of his own needs, so that the output of the report content is more standard and standardized, and through the analysis and research of the test curve, the data can be more accurately grasped. The quality parameters are more accurate.


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