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Large three-slot thermal shock test chamber
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WBE-LR3D Large three-slot thermal shock test chamber

The thermal shock test machine is used to test the chemical structure changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time by testing the material structure or composite material in a transient environment of extremely high temperature and very low temperature. Or physical damage. Applicable objects include automotive electronics / components, LED / LCD / PDP display lighting, new energy / electronic components / electrical appliances, plastic / rubber / film, research / quality inspection / college / medical equipment, PCB / FPC / HDI / MPCB / IC



※ Fully automatic PID control with high precision and saving 30% power,

※ Three boxes of equipment are divided into three parts: high temperature zone, low temperature zone and test zone. The test products are placed in the test zone. The temperature of the high temperature zone or the low temperature zone is impacted into the test zone during impact, and the test product is static.

※ It adopts touch-type graphic control operation interface, which is easy to operate.

※ Impact mode Apply the air path switching method to introduce the temperature into the test area and do the thermal shock test.

※ When high temperature impact or low temperature impact, the maximum time can reach 999H, and the maximum cycle time can reach 9999 times.

※ The system can be used for automatic cycle or manual selective shock and can set the three-zone impact and cold flushing.

※ Cooling and adopting binary refrigeration system, the cooling effect is fast, and the cooling method is water-cooled.

※ Three boxes can test the impact normal temperature,

※ High and low temperature conversion time: within 10 seconds (other requirements are agreed)

※ Execution meets the standards and test methods: GJB150.5 temperature impact test; GJB360.7 temperature impact test; GB/2423.22 temperature impact test

Technical specifications



Internal size WxDxH (cm)

140×100×100 (or non-standard custom)

Laboratory temperature range °C


A -40

B -55


Heating temperature (heat storage zone) °C


Cooling temperature (cool storage zone) °C

A:-10℃~ -55℃            B:-10℃~ -70℃             C:-10℃~ -75℃

Heating time (heat storage area) min

RT~200°C is about ≤35min

Cooling time (cold storage area) min

A: +20~ -55°C takes about 60min B:+20~ -70°C takes about ≤70min C:+20~ -75°C takes about 85min

Ambient temperature

 Water-cooled ambient temperature requirement +5~ +35°C

Temperature recovery time

Within 5 minutes

High temperature exposure for 30 minutes

Low temperature exposure for 30 minutes

Temperature control accuracy




Internal and external materials

Steel plate electrostatic spraying surface treatment or SUS 304 stainless steel

Internal material

SUS 304 stainless steel

Insulation material

High density polyurethane foam + glass wool

Control System

7-inch touch screen, Chinese and English display, 120 sets of programs, 1200 segments, all cycles 99 times, partial cycles 99 times, temperature 0.1%of FS±1digit Humidity: 0.1%of FS±1digit, temperature pt-100, humidity: pt- 100or 5V DCV communication USB or RS485 (other communication negotiation)

The refrigerant

R404/R23 (environmental refrigerant)

cooling system

Semi-closed two-stage compressor (water-cooled)

Safety device

1. Compressor overpressure, overheating, overcurrent protection; 2 refrigerant high voltage protection switch; 3. fault alarm system; 4. thermal storage high temperature cold storage low temperature protection; 5. electronic alarm; 6. water shortage alarm protection (water cooling); 7. No fuse switch; 8. Power phase sequence protection; 9. Test chamber temperature protection

Standard accessories

Two sample holders, measuring hole diameter 50mm*1, power cord, manual

power supply

AC380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire + ground wire


Korea TECH Sanyuan / Tai Tong TATO


French BITZER BITZER compressor / Germany GEA blog compressor

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